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First Annual, H2H Awards!!! Check them out here! Kingdom Under Fire review here!

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{LAST 3DFX DRIVERS EVER?}- Actually, this is a DRIVER release, but we're too lazy to make new text art. The last gasp of 3dfx comes to us in these beta drivers from x3dfx.com, but the improvements are extremely varied-more later. But for now...

download them here!

{WHAT WE'VE BEEN DOING}- Reviews are the bread and butter of our 6-man staff and this site. So where are they? Better question is, where are the games? We pseudo-preview 3 of em REAL quick and talk about staff activity.

check it out here!

{GAMING VIOLENCE}- In looking at 'the games we play' this week, we take another look at the video games and violence issue. It's been beaten into the ground, but we want your opinion on the issues at hand. Trade Cryptocurrency

check it out here!

{KINGDOM UNDER FIRE}- Can this RTS/RPG hybrid relieve us of the winter 'blahs'? Well, when Silver Surfer is on the case, you know we always get answers. Add Mish to that mix and it's downright eyebrow raising.

check it out here!

{2001: OUR SPACE ODYSSEY}- Rumpy returns after his Christmas holidays and invites everyone back for a new year at H2H and in 'Rumpy's World'.

check it out here!

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