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You think this is a weird category eh? Doesn't mean nobody wins it.

With patches now being the common thing now-a-days, we figured 'hey, if patches are as numerous as the games they're made for, why can't THEY win awards'. The rest is history, and funny enough in our first year of doing this oddball award, we have Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy--an expansion pack that's available for FREE much like a patch. So we grouped it in this category (where you'd think it would win for sure) only to find that the Hitman patch still prevailed. Adding the slow motion to Hitman was simply making a great game greater. No other patch OR free add-on out there had the impact the 'slo-mo' patch had on Hitman. And as you'll probably see in our upcoming review of the Ground Control expansion, Dark Conspiracy just doesn't add enough to the game to make that hefty of an impact on GC's complexion.


Hitman Slow Mo -"it's the matrix - how can you argue that!"
Mish-Hitman Slow Mo -"stunning slow-mo addition...it adds insane amounts of Matrixicity"
Hitman Slow Mo -"the Hitman patch wowed me completely"
Sephiroth-Hitman Slow Mo -"What can I say? Hitman + Patch = The Matrix…OH YA BABY"
Silver Surfer
Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy-"The voting rubbish once again, my opinions never count here at H2H it would seem. Them bastards! It isn't often that you get a FREE expansion pack. duh"


To the Best Graphics Award...