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Out of the HUGE number of RTSs this year, we find our winner to be...

When we get huge lists of potential nominees for voting, you get huge amounts of differing opinions. Many might disagree with our choice of Earth 2150 as the best RTS this year, but this is the game that simply seemed to keep us attached to our PCs the most in the RTS genre. Ground Control was a MASSIVELY close 2nd place and lost out mostly because of the nature of its sub-genre--that of squad-based real time strategy. Earth 2150 brought amazing graphics and sound and an enjoyable take on complicated RTS gaming. Combining weapons in hybrid forms, tunneling underground etc. were all great additions to the game. The fact that the lack of more realistic unit-movement was the only problem we found with this game (if any) should speak volumes. It's just solid and it looks great.


Earth 2150 -"a new definition for RTS' of the future to follow. Graphics and Gameplay both wowed me to want to play more"
Mish-Earth 2150 -"i really enjoyed playing it and i liked the concept-it takes the 3D RTS to a more realistic level. The depth of research was intricate, brilliant and E2150 is overall, a new spin on an old idea"
Earth 2150 -"I personally think that Earth 2150 and Ground Control alone left other RTSs in the dust this year. But in the end, when it comes to a complete RTS, Earth 2150 has it and Ground Control doesn't simply because it decided to go the squad-based route instead. I only wish we had a separate category for that"
Sephiroth-Earth 2150 -"My 2nd attempt at a 3d RTS and it turned out to be my favorite (aside from Homeworld); great graphics and gameplay"
Silver Surfer
Star Trek: Armada-"The first Star Trek game this year to begin the wave of Trek successes, i STILL think this game is just plain good fun."


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