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Surround sound, here we come....

The stupidest award to post a screenshot for, we decided to post one anyway. Actually, this is probably one of our fave screens...which is why we tend to use it as often as we have. But, to the topic at hand--if you played Nocturne, you'll know how damn good the sound can get in a game and how spooky as hell things can be. Blair Witch Vol. 1 continues this tradition and it is a definite contributor to why it was probably the only member of the Blair Witch game trilogy that received any respect.


Mechwarrior 4 -"the sounds are the best to draw you into the game. They make you think you are in a mech! With guns ablazing and foots a stompin'."
Mish-Escape From Monkey Island -"Great voice-acting and the intonations of the voices add to the overall hilarity of the game from Guybrush's naivity to his cocksure attitude. The environmental sound was very convincing."
Blair Witch Vol. 1 -"despite the game's faults and although this game wasn't hat-flinging fun, the sound detail was great."
Sephiroth-Livin' Large -"The most realistic toilet flush I have ever heard in a game, how can you beat that?"
Silver Surfer
Blair Witch Vol. 1 -"I know i was a huge Nocturne fan, so that's probably why i found myself enjoying the sound effects in this one"


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