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Head 2 Head Review: BANG! Gunship Elite

The Match-Up:
Name: Mark B. (a.k.a. OverKill) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: All types of simulation, strategy & RTS, FPS

Favorite Games: Need For Speed, Rogue Spear, SimCity 3000, StarLancer, RC Tycoon.



Name: Sean B. (a.k.a. Paladin) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RPG , Space/flight sims, Turn Based Strategy(some RTS), Sims

Favorite Games: "Everquest, Starlancer, Baldur's Gate, Rogue Spear, Diablo"

Paladin: Looks like it's that time again. I'm talking about another great and fantastic head 2 head review! This time we will be going head 2 head over Bang! Gunship Elite. This new game from the makers of Rainbow 6 enters the space sim/action fray.

Overkill: Red Storm is well known for their first person shooter/strategy game Rainbow 6 and Rogue Spear. Now in Bang! Gunship Elite they mix FPS with a space simulation in a totally unique style.

Paladin: Right, I will get to that point in a moment. First let me relay the background story of Bang! Gunship Elite. You begin your career in the Gunship Elite as a member of the Alliance. The Alliance is made up of three different races, each contributing a special trait. In particular, you are from a proud warrior race, while the other two concentrate on science/technology and mining. Together, the Alliance is at war with a formidable enemy. The Sektar, a group who were apart of the Alliance at one time, have joined forces with the Morgoths. Together, they have outmanned and outgunned the Alliance in most of the area. They have tried to gain control over the valuable mineral that we (the player-which IS we) mine to maintain our fleet and weapons. It is at this point that you enter the game.

Overkill: The most impressive part of the game are the graphics. Especially the realistic backgrounds complete with planets, asteroids and other space debris. It actually feels like you are in a war above a planet's atmosphere. The different explosions you can witness in the game blow me away... The graphics are as good or better than Starlancer.

Paladin: Yes, the graphics are fantastic. But let me digress with a warning to all of you space-sim enthusiasts out there. This is not a space sim. This is a fps that has been dressed up as a space sim. Now, before anyone flames me, I didn't say this game wasn't good. It's a fantastic game. Just wanted to warn people about it though. :) Back to the graphics. The graphics that are found in Bang have to be some of the best that I have ever seen. The amount of detail is amazing. Nothing is pixilated that I could see and I was overly impressed with the graphics. The sounds are also pretty cool within the game. I liked the different explosions and communications that are found within the game. Overall, Red Storm has done a great job on sounds and graphics.

Overkill: Actually I found the communications quite annoying. At one point I needed to find more ammunition for a specific weapon. The only weapon that could do any damage. While searching, the ship started moving. All I kept hearing was "The Gauntlet is moving away...The Gauntlet is picking up speed" over and over again. ANNOYING!!! I know it's moving away! But all other sounds are great like the explosions. But when something is going wrong... Turn off your speakers as it will get quite annoying fast.

Paladin: Hehehe, maybe but I liked it. Hehe If the sounds didn't get you, how did you like the gameplay? I liked the idea that I could play the game equally as well with a joystick or a mouse. You only need to worry about your target, your speed, and your weapons. There is nothing else to even think about. Simplicity at it's best. :)

Overkill: The gameplay was well done. There weren't over 100 controls to scare new players. There were only the basics like shoot, shields, speed up, speed down etc. Aiming is easy as the closest target on your screen being highlighted for you with a green target symbol while mission objectives always have a target symbol to help you out-this includes messages on the side of the screen to tell you which way to turn to get your target onto your screen.

Paladin: It was nice not worrying about everything else going on. I liked the fact that I could go into the game and just start shooting. Talk about stress relief!! Seriously though, as I said before, this is not a sim. If you aren't into that, the fps style might be what you're looking for. A space/aviation sim might not like the simple controls and gameplay.

Overkill: But people who like space simulators might not like the endless stream of enemies that keep appearing on the screen. I really felt like Rambo in this game. It's me against everyone else. And after a minute, more and more enemies keep appearing as I keep destroying them. It could have been a bit more realistic like having a limited number of enemies or maybe some AI teammates.

Paladin: I agree. There did seem to be a lot of enemies but I didn't have a hard time with keeping up with them. They were but a minor annoyance. Hehe Realistically though, I can see your point. It would have been nice to have a limited number of crafts to fight. A single question kept popping up in my mind as I played. From where did all of these crafts appear?

Overkill: Because of the annoying communication and the unrealistic number of enemies and the fact that you do play a rookie who goes out on his/her own with no support is the reason why I rate this game in the low 'A' area. It will really appeal to people who love FPSs and while people who love space sims might not enjoy this game.

Paladin: Hehe, most of you will have realized by now that I do not like FPS style games. It takes a great FPS to make me interested in playing more. This is one of few i think. Funny enough, I looked forward to playing this game thinking it would give Starlancer a run for it's money! While I was disappointed that it was not a sim, I have to give it high marks for being a space fps. Red Storm has done a great job in creating this game and I never had the same feelings that I had while playing other FPSs-the feeling of being bored to death. Hehe. This game kept me interested to the end. While some space simmers may stay away from it, i think most will enjoy it. Bang! Gunship Elite deserves a strong 'A' in my opinion.

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Overkill's Final Words
Paladin's Final Words
Paladin's Mark
It will really appeal to people who love FPSs
While some space simmers may stay away from it, i think most will enjoy BANG!

'BANG! Graphics Elite'!: