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Head 2 Head Review: Dogs of War

The Match-Up:

Name: Tristinian (a.k.a. Commodus) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RTS, RPG, Adventure, Action/FPS, Sims

Favorite Games: Baldur's Gate, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, Red Alert, Jedi Knight.


Sil. Surfer

Name: Silver Surfer (ed. of VC.com)

Favorite Genres: Almost anything.

Favorite Games: Can't really name just one

Tristinian: Well, today's guest reviewer for this game is none other than the Silver Surfer himself-future editor of the upcoming site, videocardz.com. When exactly is that site expected up Surf?

Surfer: Actually, within a few days from now. It's got a laid back layout to it and we hope it will be a hub for videocard fans to get together and discuss and argue some of the latest in graphics technology-while feeling free to mudsling of course. Our entire staff will be doing that in our 'sound offs' every day as well.

Tristinian: Sound great, well-let's get down to our review of Dogs of War shall we?

Surfer: Right on.

Tristinian: Well, this game is another 3D RTS (how many times have we said THAT in a review lately) that enters the RTS arena and personally, i think it comes up VERY short. Graphics aren't really the problem here, nor is the camera (although it isn't great either), it just seems that for every RTS that uses the identical formula these days it making the genre look worse and worse. And here we have another game that i would say scores lower than even a game like Dark Reign 2 despite DR2 having a worse camera and almost just as bad gameplay.

Surfer: When i played Dogs of War, the first thing i actually thought of was that it was a mix between a 'wannabe Ground Control' and Dark Reign 2. Problem is, it isn't even as good as either of those two games no matter how much you liked or disliked either of 'em. You're given only two sides to use that are both boring (the Warmonkeys and the Imperial Order) and there wasn't any skirmish mode that i could make out. Add that on top of the #ucking bugs that either made the game halt or crash and i wanted to just toss this baby. Plus, was it just me or did the voice acting suck?

Tristinian: I doubt it's just you. I wasn't a fan of it either.

Surfer: The story behind this game wasn't amazingly interesting either. It was the same old 'faction vs. faction' bull#hit and all of it was being narrated by some soft voiced Brit/Australian dude who couldn't set the mood no matter how hard he tried. And that's nothing against Brits or Australians. Especially since my last g/f was an Aussie...mmm...Aussie chicks...ok! Where was i going with this? Ok, ok...but as a mini-plus I could run this game at high rez EASY on my GeForce rig (as expected), and the graphics were suitable-once again, kind of a rustic mixture of Ground Control and Dark Reign 2 graphics.

Tristinian: "Rustic mixture" eh? hahaha...i suppose i know what you're talking about. It just seems that no one knows where to stop with the creation of these RTS clones. The camera was an issue again with this game and this time the mouse was given next to no control of the perspectives in the game. The mouse should really be one of the first things used for that sort of thing i believe (ala Earth 2150 and Homeworld). The units looked terrible though, both sides were once again, hardly distinguishable in terms of their abilities and appearances the gameplay was simply cookie cutter boring.

Surfer: Boring is the key word there. I didn't like the camera either, although i got used to it eventually to a degree. I kinda liked Force Commander's camera set up better, so if that says anything...

Tristinian: yep, i think that speaks volumes.

Surfer: By the way, the pathfinding in this game is TERRIBLE. I had to baby my units around a map, one at a time, just to get them over things like ramps. And the ramps weren't even being crossed over by the units-the units went THROUGH them. What the hell is that?

Tristinian: I was going to mention that. The pathfinding is awful and i figured out that the only thing keeping me playing the game during those trying times was watching some of the neat coloured lighting effects during explosions and tank battles-the tanks, which look like solid rectangular prisms. Not to mention, the whole 'unit control' aspect of the game that lets you take control of one unit in a pseudo 3rd person style was mostly useless and ineffective. There seemed to be almost no bonus what-so-ever using that mode.

Surfer: Hmm, you spelled color with a 'u' in it! You truly are Canadian eh? EH?! hahaha...

Tristinian: Yep, and you better watch it before i put on my mountie hat and beat you with my hockey stick there bucko. ;)

Surfer: Whoa ok, canuck kid, save your hate for the game! hahaha...actually, the game truly is terrible. There is nothing cool or great about it. And the selling point of the game-the ability to assume control of any one unit for individual use-was misused and crappy at best. I really thought this game stunk. The music was OK, but what the hell was with that cryptic, enigmatic movie at the beginning of the game? With the exception of the one cool 'matrix' camera sweep in the beginning FMV, it seemed kinda stupid. It actually made me wary of wanting to control those stupid little warmonkey guys in the suits that make them look like they came from Legoland or something. And they are always walking around like they have #hit in their pants or something.

Tristinian: hahaha...i totally know what you mean I have to give this game something awful. It is the worst RTS i've played all year hands down, and as long as RTS clones keep coming out like this one, they are going to be graded harder and harder by everyone because they are not doing anything new nor are they even coming close to perfecting the simple things that shouldn't be messed up to begin with. People making these games should try and be a few steps ahead of genre's current status, not putting out the bare minimum out and ending up a few steps behind.

Surfer: I couldn't have summed it up better than that. But whatever YOU grade this game, i know my grade will certainly be worse-i didn't even get to take this game BACK to the store in time so bitterness remains with me. Thanks for having me on though and glad to be new affiliates with you boys (and girl...hehe). Speaking of Mish, say hi to her for me...she's a cutie.

Tristinian: Sure, i'll give her your number, i doubt she'd go out with dork like you though...LOL...thanks for coming 'round Surf. Take care...remember everyone, his upcoming site is videocardz.com-check it out in the next few days and get his spanking new message board all dirty with video card speak.


Tristinian's Mark
Tristinian's Final Words
Surfer's Final Words
Surfer's Mark
The RTS clones keep getting worse and worse...this game is a prime example
Playing this game is just so damn boring that it makes me fall asl...zzz....zzz


The RTS Clones of the Game Developer War

Just remember, we didn't complain much about the graphics-that wasn't our gripe. But god this gameplay is BORING.


Also, in Dogs of War, as you can see here-the world truly IS flat. See? We told you the makers of this game were a few steps behind.


Ahhh...the rain shower from hell. if there was one thing we DID enjoy about this game...it was the explosions. The lighting and explosions in the game were actually pretty decent. They kept us from falling asleep while the game units' pathfinding was going awry as usual.