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FIFA 2001

by Tristinian

Who here has played a soccer game before? Raise your hands. Nice and high so i can see them. Hmm...thought so. Ok, well get this-in all my gaming years, this is the FIRST soccer game i have played and thus the first i've reviewed. But ya know something-i like it. :)

You wouldn't think someone like myself (being a Canadian and all, where we're supposed to be infatuated with hockey only) would pick up this game off the shelf and enjoy it. Did i enjoy it as much as NHL 2001 thus far? Nope. But it's pretty good. And as a note, Fifa and NHL have got me looking forward to NBA Live 2001 as well-we have basketball north of the border too for those who were unaware. Hell, a Canadian invented the sport. But let's talk some football (soccer, whatever...pretend you're European for a minute).

One of the first things i think i liked about this game was that i could have everything maxed out in detail, 1024 x 768 and 2X FSAA and not a frame skipped on a V5 5500/P 500 test system. NHL 2K was notorious for being far more demanding among NHL PC gamers, but Fifa should not disappoint. And it looks gooood too (observe the extended 'o's in 'good'-they represent quality). Of course, the 2nd thing you'll notice is that arcade style play isn't a real factor in Fifa. You've got a TON of teams to choose from, and fairly realistic gameplay put together. Impressing. But for those who wanted a speedier, higher scoring type of game-you're not going to find it in Fifa 2001.

Now, there are no huge problems to declare with Fifa 2k1...the game commentary is well done, the graphics and sound are more than up to par. The re-playability (particularly for a soccer fan) should be relatively high and each game is more than enjoyable both in multiplayer and single player modes. But...(yes, but)...through the generations of sports games, we've gotten used to seeing a lot more trinkets coming along with our games from EA. Putting your face in the game, making your own jersey, and an insane number of play modes. And though this isn't a problem per se with Fifa 2k1, it's a little disappointing to see that the game really has none of those extra special goodies to please the money-paying 'Fifa-folks' that diligently sit in front of their glowing beasts and jam on EA's football games(yes, i still know it's soccer, just PLEASE...stick with the pretending to be European thing).

Other than that, i can only say that the AI is a tad repetitive defensively. If you try a move several times in a row to pass off to another player, the computer often defends the exact same way regardless of deviations in timing in your passing plan. This occurs more with cross-field passing though than short distances.

So to just wrap it up i guess...Fifa 2001 is a good game. Yes indeed. So was NHL 2001 though. And although i think NHL 2001 was a marginally better game than this one-yet-neither of them quite blow me off my chair despite being as good as they are. Why? Well...i suppose when you play the same games every year with only minor changes made to it with every passing year, you realize it's going to take a little more than small modifications to take the game as a package to the next level. So, this game deserves an A in my opinion, but i am crossing my fingers for a sports game like this that will deserve a grade of A+. But it's good soccer fun anyway! Oh sorry...you can quit the pretending to be European thing now. ;)


Never played a soccer game in my life-so this seems pretty good

I am not a soccer fan either, but this still kept me playing-trying to score anyway... ;)

PLENTY of teams, but there are essentially ZERO frills. You play soccer or you don't play soccer. NHL 2k1 has spoiled us.



You have a few different perspectives in the game, but for some reason after playing NHL 2001, Fifa feels like it doesn't enough perspectives to choose from.


The shadows coming off the stadium are kinda neat. Trouble with this game (like any real soccer game) is scoring! ack!