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continued from front page-

...the 'head 2 head' review is about combining two opinions on a game instead of just one for as they say, two heads are better than one. *cough* *choke*

Corniness aside, after reading magazines and visiting sites that all have different methods of grading games and their quality, we decided to add something different. We feel that one opinion isn't always enough. So by adding a two-person discussion of a game followed by two separate marks we hope that eventually you can get a feel for the style and taste of each of our reviewers and ultimately know which one most suits your taste after reading the basis of their arguments. We believe that one person speaking directly to an audience is never quite as revealing as two people discussing their opinions in front of an audience. Think of us as kind of like a talk show without the chair throwing fights and security guard interludes.

However, we know not everyone will be a fan of two-person reviews all the time and many will still prefer the single reviewer format. Well, we will provide those too. Although most games will be covered by the 'head 2 head' process, single author reviews will never be phased out. We feel the single review process is still an integral part of getting a decent read on a game for a lot of people, but it should be kept in mind that most of the big titles and highly awaited games will probably be assessed in the two-person format to provide the most perspectives possible.

However, also keep in mind that there will also be games that have both single AND head 2 head reviews. So you can always expect a variety from us to keep you on your toes.

The six different personalities that make up our staff will hopefully entertain you and ultimately you will realize that all of us DO have one thing in common-we love our games! (and as a result all end up blowing our weekly checks on 'em too!-so much for food and shelter)

But, to avoid wasting anymore time, we hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer and that you find our reviews informative and interesting enough to keep you coming back.


-the Head 2 Head team.