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Head 2 Head Review: Gunman Chronicles

The Match-Up:

Name: Tristinian (a.k.a. Commodus) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RTS, RPG, Adventure, Action/FPS, Sims


Silver Surfer

Name: Silver Surfer (editor of video cardz.com)

Favorite Genres: Almost anything

Tristinian: Today we are reunited with our friend, the Silver Surfer from videocardz.com. Last time, we had the misfortune of reviewing Dogs of War, and when i had heard that Surfer had played Gunman Chronicles, i decided to give it a go myself. What would you say is the final assessment of this game?

Surfer: Crap. It's just total and utter crap.

Tristinian: Err...well although you do have a flair for detail maybe i should start this out. Gunman, as most people know, was created by Rewolf: a group of designers and programmers across the world...some of which who have yet to meet in person. The group set out to design a total conversion of Half Life-something that is always appreciated by Half Life fans. Except this time Half-Life's developer, Sierra, got wind of the conversion and decided to take the project under their wing. The result? Sierra is now selling this total conversion on the shelves-a product that probably would have been freely accessible for download for Half-Life enthusiasts....

Surfer: Total conversion-yes. Total crap-yes. This game would have been a wicked FREE (and i stress, FREE) conversion that one could have downloaded, but instead it was marketed as something new and the Half-life engine yet again is used to milk some more moolah out of the gaming public that remember how great the original Half-life was. They say you can never go back-and this game is proof. I can't come up with much that this game did that earns it any acclaim whatsoever.

Tristinian: And i hate for us to be so negative about a game that it seemed many found promise in, but you're right. Gunman is nothing more than a simple conversion of a game. Nothing astounding and everything is totally cheesy. All the same gimmicks come into play too. Fall-away floors, crazy noises that can be heard from everywhere (and they are in EXCESS too) and enemies that fly out at you from the dark here and there.

Surfer: I think there was one concept in the game that was new or unusual and that was the ability to customize your weapon depending on the situation. But...oooooh...wow, i can make my lame blue pulse gun go from shooting one big blue pulse at a time to MANY blue pulses at a time! Oh geez...please. The weapons are simplistic in appearance and effect. The characters are all cut from the same polygonal cloth. There must be like, 3-4 models MAX used in the game.

Tristinian: True...and even the initial movie cutscene was essentially a modified version of half-life's intro. BUT...but, the FMV for the game was amazing...i have to admit. The game didn't do the FMV justice!!! Weird eh? Or so i found.

Surfer: The whole cowboy theme too is just absurd...the entire thing feels like a Twilight zone episode that consists of Civil War soldiers (gunmen), cowboy bandits (the bad guys) and a bunch of other throwaway graphics that are used as the enemies.

Tristinian: Some cool 'big' creatures though, wouldn't you say?

Surfer: yeah, i suppose...they added a BIT of interest.

Tristinian: Alright, let's just try and sum it up in a break down then.

Surfer: Sure. The concept-weak. The graphics-terrible (the original Half-life looked better than this). The music-when it plays, it's alright. The sounds-overdone as hell and even worse in EAX. The playability-fast, but not fun. I found myself whipping through this game rather quickly- i simply wanted to get it over with after having actually paid money for the damn thing. The game is that bad.

Tristinian: I can't really disagree with you on any of those points. Perhaps i'll point out again that the FMV that comes with the game is cool. And...umm...the FMV is cool. Oh yeah, and that FMV! Not to mention...the dinosaur. He was interesting enough.

Surfer: I don't think you'll squeeze anymore positives than that outta this game.

Tristinian: Methinks you're right. Sorry Rewolf...as a freebie, this game would have been appreciated for all the hard work. But as a retail product, it just doesn't compare at all to the competition out there right now. This is down there with Daikatana.

Surfer: For sure.


Silver Surfer


A headless man! Oh sorry...this little image of a headless man resting with a dead xenome distracted me from my NON-enjoyment of this game.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Dinosaur that everyone saw online before the game was released. The dinosaur is the only thing that looks graphically decent in the game.


The occasional large beast to fight is a nice touch (besides the dinosaur). This squatting behemoth in the background will greet you in Gunman's early levels.