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October 18th-The months from September to April would seem to be our slower time so look for all H2H news to appear in the occasionally released H2H Wire section that we post. For now, this section will remain untouched for a little while until our staff recovers from the various things that keep us busy.

September 19th-Have to love when some good games come out...our first impressions of Elite Force are quite decent indeed and the upcoming Baldur's Gate 2, Red Alert 2 and Blair Witch games seem to all be around the corner. The current status of our staff is well...we still need people! hehe...i would say we are operating at around 50% and need some more gusto, so if you have game connections and would still like to apply, please feel free by e-mailing commodus@head-2-head.org.

Aug. 30th-We are leaving the wonderful month of August...but damn are we glad. Hardly a game could be found during most of the entire month! At least we have a couple of new titles to be coming soon including ST: Elite Force, ST: New Worlds, Homeworld: Cataclysm and Sims: Livin' Large. All that and more with the September rush ready to happen. Plus, we are currently working on a few interviews just for ya'll so keep coming back for more of our antics.

Aug. 23rd-Dogs of War is finally reviewed and low and behold, we are doing our first 'guest' head 2 head review for it as well. After we got the disk working and had a chance to play it, we heard from the editor of upcoming web site (and our upcoming affiliate), videocardz.com and he offered to do a head 2 head review with us on the game. So enjoy that and all the other stuff we offer throughout the week. :)

Aug 18th-Alrighty, we have a little more word on the upcoming Videocardz.com web site that we will be affiliating with. According to their head editor, 'it will be a place for all those fight-ready factions of ATI, 3DFX and Nvidia to finally come together and duke it out with no moderation'. He goes onto say that 'don't expect us not to air our opinions either-the place is intended for video card news and responses from ourselves and our readers on that news'. So, for all those who have been mailing us asking for info, there you have it. As for what to expect in the next day or so, you'll probably see another edition of Rumpy's World as well as a preview of DS9: The Fallen.

Aug 16th- Surprise surprise...the day we intended to post our FAKK 2 review was the day we posted our Submarine Titans review instead. The reason of course truly resided in the patching issue which you can read about here in the review itself. Let it be known though that even though we have released our review of FAKK 2 and Sub Titans our next review should be Dogs of War-better later than never. Our review disk for the game seems to have a few problems so it may have to be taken back for a newer one. The only other news we have to share is that have received word from a new video card news and message board site called 'Videocardz.com' and it would seem that once they are up and online, H2H and Videocardz.com with be forming an alliance of some sort. Stay tuned. :)

Aug. 13th-Our staff is back at full strength more or less and we have a ton of back logged reviews to post for you! we added 'status' indicators on the staff page in order to keep you up to date with certain things. For instance, you might have noticed that Gambit's previews page has been untouched for a while and he hasn't been doing reviews etc. Well, he is in the midst of a cross-border moving process so you probably won't hear from him until he is entirely settled. But, as you can see on the staff page, his status indicates that he is not 'in office', thus, you know not to expect to hear from him until the status changes. Expect a FAKK 2 review possibly this evening.

Aug.8th-Well, unfortunately, the next few days aren't going to see review updates around here. Both Mish and Tristinian will be off for 3-4 days and those who are in line to review games here are trying to spend most of their time thoroughly playing them. Saturday however should be an evening update and it will either be a review on Dogs of War or Submarine Titans. A few days later, FAKK 2 (a game that looks fairly impressive upon first inspection we must say) will be reviewed as well. Mish's 'Girls and Gaming' column will see a return soon as her moving process seems to be almost complete and she'll have a whack of stuff to share with you then. PLUS, we have a new staff member...Sephiroth has joined on recently and will be engaging in a few H2H reviews very soon.

Aug. 4th-We wrap up this generally slow week with an article from our editorial writer, Rumplestiltskin on the RTS genre. Well, since we have all been busy, a Dogs of War review is going to have to be placed on hold for at least a little while longer. Although, Heavy Metal FAKK 2 is coming soon as well and i know a few of our members are eager to see if it going to possibly be the surprise 3rd person shooter of the year-never know. As for the addition of system specs, resolutions and color depth numbers for our reviews, we are still considering how and when to implement them if at all. A few readers suggested that it may be disappointing to see higher number than what they can run etc. So, the jury is still out on that one.

Aug. 2nd-Well, with most of our staff back in the fold, we celebrate by putting forth our H2H review on BANG! Gunship Elite! Also, don't forget the upcoming, Dogs of War review.

July 31st-We are now exiting our 2nd full month of existence and we have more than doubled our hit count from last month so we are growing quite steadily! And that of course is all thanks to you our readers. We continue to make additional changes to our site and to our reviewing formats. The switch to .shtml was a necessary one of course which we finally got to and from here on in our reviews will also begin to feature sections listing the system specs that particular games were played on including such things as resolution, color depth and FSAA usage. We should have our staff back in its entirety as of Wednesday when Mish returns. With Paladin and OverKill back from their time off and Rumplestiltskin back soon as well, all we need now are new games to review! BANG! is almost complete at this point in time.

July 29th-Cleopatra Review posted. Much of our staff is still on vacation and reviews still in the works are BANG! Gunship Elite and Dogs of War. We have added the links to headers in the left hand column so that H2H News, Reviews and Articles are all equally accessible. The review index found via the 'Reviews' link has been arranged alphabetically for that index.

July 25th-This week updates will be slowing down seeing as the majority of our staff is either on vacation or simply 'away'. Not to mention that games haven't been exactly streaming in these days. Thus, reviews on KISS and Cleopatra should be the main postings for this week.

July 24th-By demand, we have begun posting the activities of our staff on this page as to let our readers know what we are working on and what to expect soon in terms of reviews, articles and just general development of the page. We thank you for your comments!