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Game Title Authors Date
Daikatana Tristinian/Gambit May 22nd/2000
Imperium Galactica II Topher/Mish May 22nd/2000
MDK 2 Tristinian/Gambit June 3rd/2000
Sim City 3000 Unlimited OverKill/Paladin June 6th/2000
Ground Control Topher/Tristinian June 13th/2000
Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption Paladin/Tristinian June 20th/2000
Earth 2150 Mish/Gambit June 26th/2000
Deus Ex Mish/Tristinian July 5th/2000
Diablo II Topher/OverKill/Paladin July 9th/2000
Terminus OverKill/Paladin July 16th/2000
KISS: Psycho Circus OverKill/Tristinian July 24th/2000
BANG! Gunship Elite OverKill/Paladin Aug. 2nd/2000
Submarine Titans Topher/Tristinian Aug. 13th/2000
Dogs of War Tristinian/Silver Surfer Aug. 23rd/2000
Star Trek: New Worlds Topher/Tristinian Sept. 7th/2000
The Sims: Livin' Large Mish/Tristinian Sept. 16th/2000
ST Voyager: Elite Force Sephiroth/Tristinian Sept. 20th/2000
Crimson Skies Paladin/OverKill Sept. 25th/2000
Baldur's Gate 2 Tristinian/Mish Oct. 20th/2000
Rune Topher/Tristinian Nov. 2nd/2000
Zeus: Master of Olympus Mish/Outer Edge Nov. 14th/2000
Red Alert 2 Topher/Sephiroth Nov. 17th/2000
Escape From Monkey Island Mish/Tristinian Nov. 24th/2000
Gunman Chronicles Tristinian/Silver Surfer Nov. 29th/2000
Sacrifice Mish/Tristinian Dec. 4th/2000
Hitman: Codename 47 Sephiroth/Tristinian Dec. 7th/2000
Star Trek DS9: The Fallen Topher/Silver Surfer Dec. 11th/2000
Project I.G.I Topher/Tristinian Dec. 30th/2000
Kingdom Under Fire Silver Surfer/Mish Jan. 19th/2001


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