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Head 2 Head Review: Kingdom Under Fire

The Match-Up:
Name: Michelle M. (a.k.a. Mish) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RTS, RPG, Adventure, Action/FPS, Sims


Silver Surfer

Name: Silver Surfer (editor of video cardz.com)

Favorite Genres: Almost anything

Surfer: Hopefully readers here of our reviews know that of the entire crew, i am the blunt one and am willing to give you the straight stuff about a game without a filter in place. So, needless to say that when i refer to this game as lame...i'm telling the truth. And there are reasons too. But...come, come...Mishy, give us some low down on this latest mutant RTS/RPG hybrid known as Kingdom Under Fire.

"[KUF is] pretty standard if you don't mind me saying."

Mish: *sniffsniff* Something here smells of a bad Diablo 2/Warcraft wannabe....oh that must be the game Kingdom Under Fire that we are being forced by the tyrants here at H2H to review (I resent that -Ed.). First of all, you can play the campaigns/single player or you can skirmish against the computer in rts style. You can also multiplay across the internet with this game using the Wargate server. Pretty good range of choices I might add. The game basically revolves around a whole whack of oft-found strife between orcs/ogres and humans. The storyline beyond that is rather elementary and better left discovered when playing just so you get SOMETHING out of this mess. But you can choose to play either one as you start off the story. Pretty standard if you don't mind me saying.

Surfer: I don't mind at all...but here's my general sum up of the elements that this game's got within. The RTS portion of this game plays like a bad version of Total Annihilation: Kingdoms with the resource gathering and building hierarchy of Age of Empires. Add that to the poorly implemented Diablo-ish RPG mode of the game and you've got one very boring mouse clicker. I think it's usually Tristinian who says this here at H2H, but RTSs (hybrid or not) have to be more cautious now than ever because in this huge RTS market. Because if your game is even just moderately bad, it's low quality is magnified even more so when compared to the best games that represent the genre. Kingdom Under Fire is a perfect example of this. I almost feel as if i should have played this game 2 years ago.

Mish: I almost feel as if I should have NEVER played this game at all. You know how you see games, and you want them because you think that they are sooooooo cool, original, and look like they will set a new standard in gaming--right? Well, if gaming was an Olympic sport.....this game would not even qualify to compete.

Surfer: Ouch...ok, ok. Lets fork out some pin-point reasoning for this though. Now, despite the hybrid RTS/RPG format, this game offers nothing innovative. Although upon starting up the game and playing through it, the music i found to be sinfully good and perfect for the fantasy world in which KUF was set. But that would be the last quality item the game would provide. Graphically, the game is dated for sure. Spell effects are underwhelming and the character movements and building architecture are all 'so-so' in general. But it's the gameplay that truly reminds you though of how KUF lacks gaming potency. And if you are a skirmish fan and detest the legendary 'cheating' AI, you'll be slamming your fist against the desk here again too...

"You can only use the word 'generic' so many times before the word itself embraces its own meaning"

Mish: I am a skirmish fan and I was slamming more than just my fist against the desk!! But first of all, I have to agree with you on the music thing....I think that the music is great. In fact, I left the game running for background music when I had a guest over at my place for a wicked chatting atmosphere. I also have to add that all the parts leading up to the actual gameplay are really cool: the options page, the game set up page etc.. Back to the skirmish issue though...I cannot tell you how many times I simply restarted the game after watching my entire camp of a dozen or so men just wiped out. "What the hell was that?!?!? Did I just witness the Plague!?!?!?!?" Gone. All killed by the AI which in the same time i took to build some warriors and peasants, gathered an army of a hundred ogres. Poof. And why there is no save game option either?

Surfer: Oh the questions. And to be honest, more than just us on this staff have tried this game only to be disappointed-in addition to showing us pity for having to review it. This game isn't GOD AWFUL...don't get me wrong. But you can only use the word 'generic' so many times before the word itself embraces its own meaning. So how does 'sub-par' sound? If you are dying for a fantasy-based RTS though, KUF isn't so bad that it wouldn't satisfy a die-hard fantasy freak. Or so i would think. But more so for avid fans of games in general and RTSs to be more specific-KUF kicks the bucket way too often in terms of quality output. And the RPG element, well--that doesn't often grab your attention either when playing through the RPG levels a few times.

Mish: One thing that i have to add as a final note....I have noticed that more often than not, the game would take control of my mouse camera as I was playing just to forward the story. I found that very annoying. I do not need the computer taking control of my mouse...i am not stupid. Make an FMV or something...damn. I know the game did this to point out certain events that occurred as I was playing....my conspiracy theory though is that this is done to divert your attention from whatever you were doing, throw you off track and screw you in mid-gameplay. Yes, I complained a lot about this game but just like a cheap b-movie, it has its moments. So I bestow upon this (nice choice of words Silver) 'sub-par' game....a 56%

Surfer: It DOES have it's moments and yes the camera control loss at certain parts of the story were annoying. But while this game i don't think is as bad or generic as say, Dogs of War or Star Trek: New Worlds, it still doesn't deserve to pass with flying colours. For once, someone gives a grade lower than mine. KUF isn't stellar though and i doubt a patch can even really make this game THAT much better.


Silver Surfer


The initial menu screen for character choosing. We loved the menus AND the music in this game...not much else though.


Surfer's 5th skirmish: the AI cheats so much that even an experienced RTSer like the Surfer (he made us put that in -Ed.) is being ransacked by 20 ogres before he's had a chance to build 5 warriors. Go figure.


The graphics in KUF are simply bland...even spell effects leave you in a state of yawnsville...but at least the Surfer is having his way in this particular shot of battle.