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Delta Force: Land Warrior

by Tristinian

I'm about to give you a very quick (and unnecessary) cooking lesson...here goes. Add one part theme of Soldier of Fortune, add two parts Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear gameplay and then add a few good smidgens of messed up graphics-don't forget to stir! Voila, after simmering a little bit, you have the final dish: Delta Force Land Warrior. Now wasn't that easy? Sure, but not necessarily on the eyes...

You're probably rolling your eyes and muttering, 'alright, cut the bullsh*t metaphors-is the game good or not?'. And to be honest, this one will be mostly up to you. First of all, there's not much in the way of story to tell-you pick a character who is part of a team of other specialists who act on the part of justice in order to squash terrorist movements. Very much like Rogue Spear in terms of the way a team enters a certain area in order to fulfill certain objectives. However, here you don't really see your buddies doing much for you-all the work is generally done yourself.

You can choose from characters such as snipers etc. and enter action either in a campaign or quick mission mode. You have a few weapons to choose from-some are kinda neat-and you've got night vision capability and all that good stuff. Technically, this game is playable from both a 1st person and 3rd person perspective, but frankly i think 3rd person in this game is a bit of a joke in terms of navigation and getting your bearings. No big deal though.

Graphically, as stated before, this game is sub-par. The constantly shifting and morphing hills and terrains are annoying as hell and when you can finally escape that to enter the interiors, you aren't exactly blown away by the detail presented in the texturing and level design. So if you are a 'graphics only' type, this isn't for you. There are some very neat weapon effects though such as the trails that bullets leave in the air for a split second. Mmmm....Matrix-y.

The sounds are wonderful-not much music to really hear though. But you can make out things like bullets piercing the sand near your feet as you run away from an oncoming group of terrorist snipers. Very sweet for those people who liked hearing the initial scene in Saving Private Ryan in surround sound.

In its entirety though, this game will probably both fall short of and exceed expectations for fans of the tactical/stealth-based FPS genre. Where it lacks-repetition in general. There often just doesn't feel like there's enough to do. Levels look very much the same, the graphics in all their vomit-inducing glory really don't impress, and the action, although it can get relatively 'hot and heavy' doesn't change too much at all in terms of variety. Then again, how many games of this type do? You can mull over that for now if you're thinking of buying it.

As for positives though, this game has its share as well. Nifty weapons which can often can carry gamers through Delta Force's boring times. Also the fundamental addictiveness of stealth-based FPSs rears its head here and there throughout DF. You can choose long OR short missions, which is excellent based on the amount of time you have to play. And multiplayer is certainly a major asset for this game hands-down.

Delta Force is no where near FPS of the year, but it more than holds its own. A good game for those waiting for the next tactical/stealth-based FPS...mostly for those who are bored of playing all the old Rogue Spear missions over and over again. DF can hopefully tide some over until other anticipated titles like Project IGI hit the scene. Just don't expect too much from Delta Force, otherwise that's where you'll really be disappointed.


Gameplay is decent, but can get a tad too repetitive.

Graphics, texturing and level design need work.

Weapons are very cool and the sound in the game rocks as well.



Yes...nothing much new or impressing in this graphics engine. yucko. Even this guy was ashamed, so he buried his head in the floor.


Nightvision in the game is more than helpful in the dark sequences-just remember to turn it off when you get into well-lit areas or you'll be blinded. Duh.


Land warrior teaches us a serious lesson here-guns don't kill people...computers do.