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A Day in the Life of a Low-end System Gamer...

By Kristopher H.


The other day I was playing Star Craft on my computer and realized how-for lack of a better word-crapy it ran. Basically always slowing down to think, as if it had had a few too many drinks with it's digital buddies, and was then asked to walk a straight line. IT CANT DO IT!!! If you have no clue what I'm talking about then, *ahem* "Welcome to my world of…..*echo effect* Low End System Gaming!!"

If you don't know what I mean, and can't even fathom playing games without a few gigapixels, a few hundred hertz, or god forbid without High Speed Internet-then you're one of the lucky ones who either: 1.) Saved all their pennies to forgo this torment, or 2.) Daddy had no clue what he wanted, so he bought all the goodies the salesman would let him.

A lot of games now-a-days require almost light speed calculations, in order to deliver high quality game play. Graphics that would make Michaelangelo go 'Duh - how de do dat!'. and sounds that would make Trent Reznor envious. Before I go any further I should let you know that I am running, a Pentium (notice no II or III) 133Mhz, with 40megs of RAM, a 4Meg ATI Rage video card, and a sound card that sometimes likes to barf up anything the system decides to throw its way-usually scaring the crap outta me in the process. I can't run games (or run them well) like Quake 3, or Armada, or The Sims. If I could I probably wouldn't be writing this. But here I am, sitting with my diligent companion, who saw me through all those years of schooling, whining, the occasional cry, and yes-games. Games like Duke Nukem, Star Craft, War Craft, Red Alert, Wing Commander 4 even!!! Hey I even once tried Quake 2……*lowers head*

Sometimes when i'm alone, I still cry, but even me with the lowest of low-end systems can play games and so can you!! We're not restricted to the ever so artistic playing cards of solitaire, or the 'bing bing bing' of pinball. Nope, even us LSGs (LowEnd System Gamers), can enjoy an evening of mayhem, thought provoking problems, tantalizing graphics, broad sounds and multiplayer quests for world domination all with jitters, jerks, quirks, the occasional reboot and a lot of patience.

So the next time one of your friends with a computer that could send a shuttle into space says that you can't play games, you look them straight in the face, muster up what dignity you can and say "That's right! I can't" then turn around, walk away with your head held high, not letting emotions get the best of you (or at least until you're out of view and earshot), sit down at the friend you hold so dear and replay those faves that you can.

Oh and for those of you thinking "how does he run games well enough to do any reviews for this site!!!" Well the answer…..I use my Daddy's…