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Head 2 Head Review: Project I.G.I

The Match-Up:

Name: Tristinian (a.k.a. Commodus) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RTS, RPG, Adventure, Action/FPS, Sims



Name: Kristopher H. (a.k.a. Topher) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RTS, RPG, Sims, Action/FPS

Tristinian: A flight sim engine being used for a stealth-based tactical shooter. Is this a good thing? Let us attend…

Topher: Sim engine - cool use. Shooter yes, but tactical….uuhhh….i don't know about that. But Project: I'm Going In (IGI) does fancy my interest.

Tristinian: Really? I think we might be in for a little bit of a bout on this one…and one of the reasons is one you already mentioned--for being a tactical-based shooter, this game doesn't offer much tact or stealth at all in the game play. And the head-on action that erupts as a result isn't any better.

Topher: Yeah it could have had more stealth to the missions. I mean your still lurking around in order to accomplish things, but when you're supposed to surprise the enemy and you trigger the alarm and all hell breaks loose…that's not tact. And yet, that type of thing happens all the time no matter what (or so it seems). Anyhoo Project IGI is what we said once already - a shooter. Your role as a secret agent named Jones is to sneak around the bad guys, infiltrate a base in order to find secrets and such and get out. This particular story revolves around Nukes….OH NO!!!

Tristinian: Generic to the very last drop…*snore*. Sorry, I know it's getting harder to remain original nowadays in certain games and genres, but this one doesn't take my breath away in any shape or form. It's almost as if the AI often doesn't try hard enough either. Strangely enough, I had caught a quotation by one of the developers (the website where it was located escapes me) claiming that the AI was super clever. I thought this person might have been aiming for sarcasm though after playing the game myself. The AI can be occasionally clever I suppose, but more often than not they're dumb as doorknobs in graphically aliased character models…

Delta Force LW might have had its bad moments like this, but it's STILL better than IGI.

Topher: Yeah I got a good laugh out of the AI as well-especially when i'm standing not much more than 5 ft. away reloading as they unload their gun at me and MISS!!! Ok i'm happy to be alive but come on!! Graphically there's no doubt you need FSAA on. Without it the game looks like crap. And even with it on sometimes it doesn't look good either. The engine used for the game is taken from an old flight sim as was mentioned earlier and it gives you a playing field of an enormous size. The textures and landscapes that grace these landscapes aren't breathtaking but do the game justice in my opinion. The textures and details on the buildings though could use some work. Hell the originality of the mission levels could use some work too. Most of the missions have the same exact buildings etc.….but they switch their positions around. I found myself thinking - wasn't I just here??

Tristinian: Yeah….and using this flight sim engine, almost every stage shows off endless landscapes of mountains and grass without need. Is every enemy base and house of bad-guys in the world located in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but hills that roll out toward the horizon with nothing else in sight? Not sure about that myself, but this game certainly didn't visually 'wow' me-although IGI definitely has a graphical advantage over its main competitor in the ring right now-Delta Force Land Warrior. And even IGI doesn't blow DF away. IN addition, the weaponry in IGI is, well…so ordinary that you could probably find these weapons in your grocer's frozen food section.

Topher: hmmmm yeah I'd have to agree as well. The weapons aren't all that new/different. Although they are pretty to look at and use sometimes. Like the jackhammer shotgun! Plus, some weapons have a 2nd fire type (for Zoom-In, Grenade launching etc.). The sniper rifle really lets you get in nice and close to a forehead. Aside from the 'projectile' weapons you also have a little assortment of explosives, which when used properly can be quite effective. Although the grenades are really the only ones you can use--the flash grenades seem to have no affect and the proximity mines are just plain hard to use cunningly a lot of the time.

Tristinian: Well, no matter which way you cut it, Project IGI might start off as being a game that may seem to bear some potential, but it quickly turns into the 'same old same old' that a lot of hardcore gamers may be sick of by now. Frankly, if you truly want to grab a tactical/stealth based shooter that follows the typical guidelines of 'sneaky military/secret service dude', then Delta Force is a superior game. The weapons are better and so are the missions in general. To me, Delta Force is good, but not wonderful. And based on those feelings, IGI falls short. It has better graphics overall than DF, but graphics don't always make the game.

Topher: No definitely not. Perhaps if IGI had some of Hitman's stealth factor? I thought the story/plot was a little intriguing and the cut scenes were pretty good sometimes...even a little funny. The character development is sort of there, and the dialogue is more than just a "Do This" "Yes Sir!" type of scenario. IGI's sounds for weapons fire, walking, vehicles and weather go hand in hand with what the game is - a shooter. But the buggyness of the game (ie. crashing at various levels), graphics, AI problems, the entire lack of an in-game save option OR even a mulitplayer function leave me to give this game a lower mark than I'd like. Yes I know people are pushing for the developers to put in one of the above mentioned options, but as a lot of readers know by now-we don't review patched games.

Tristinian: Well, I'll be a little less longwinded Toph. :P Delta Force is a better game than IGI overall…and seeing as you mentioned Hitman-IT is better game than them both. But let's see how all this pans out in our awards for best games of the year coming in the 1st week of January. It's actually too bad, this game originally looked as if it would bring something special to the stealth arena, but it is unfortuntely just another game for the most part.




OH to be phased into solid matter! This isn't a trek game either. You thought our shot of the dude with his head in the floor was bad-this is just painful.


The landscapes are OK-don't get us wrong. We're just tired of seeing them over and over again through almost every stage. The outdoor landscapes are used about as often as identical buildings with identical interiors....which is a LOT


We dare you...walk into a typical building in IGI and see for yourself if they don't mostly all look just like this to the T. It's a little much we think.