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Sanity: Aiken's Artifact

by Freelance Writer, 'Carnage'.

They call it Sanity, but you would have to be quite insane to force this game on yourself. Yet another developer trying to seize the online gaming market. For those with low standards of what a game should offer- check it out. Or if you are curious as to what new games are out, then download the demo.

My interest lasted all of about 20 seconds...the amount of time it took me to cycle through all of my "talents" (as your weapons are called). You can unleash the fury of the Gods in your attempt to obliterate your online adversaries, along with yourself. There are a plethora of these talents that you can choose from before you start your killing rampage, from bringing the stars crashing down onto you opponent, to blazing fireballs.

With a top-down isometric view of the action, sometimes it is difficult to see your victims, as you relentlessly unload your talents upon them. You can earn new talents as the game goes on, should you last that long. There is also a chat dialogue box that displays everybody's messages. Most of which read something like: "How does this game work?" Or, "shut up and kill!!!"

There is no team play, and even with every man or woman for themselves, the realism is not convincing. It's a B movie quality game at best. If your energy falls below a certain point, your character staggers about with his hands on his head, his body flashing, and player response time is impaired leaving you pretty much a sitting duck. It's not really that hard to miss.

The storyline is as follows (and note that this can be found in any average advertisement for the game.) "Thirty years in the future, the unused portion of the human brain will finally be unlocked and the full destructive potential of the mind unleashed upon the world. Experimental drugs will grant ordinary people the ability to generate and focus immense energy emissions with their minds. Labeled as Psionic for their ability to manipulate this energy, these gifted humans become overwhelmed by their complex new powers and often succumb to insane, destructive rages. As Special Agent Cain of the Department of National Psionic Control, players will undertake a perilous mission to protect the world from powerful Psionic criminals. The most dangerous of these is a dark and shadowing figure known only as Golgotham who has a devious plan to destroy all of humanity."

A good storyline and premise, but the final product does not deliver what the designers had in mind. At least for their sake it doesn't. The levels leave much to be desired, with little creativity, and one thing I absolutely hate about some games: There are parts of the map that you can't get to. Like a mime with his invisible wall.

To tell you the truth, I would give this game a 3 out of 10 on the AlphaŽ scale. HOWEVER, there is one very cool graphic before you log on to play...a wormhole-like graphic. And needless to say if you stare into it long enough you start seeing things...now that is truly Insane!


Decent plot, but not enough done with it. Lack of creativity across the board.

More crappy online gaming experiences to be had here as well. You can't say much about a game this mediocre.



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