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Head 2 Head Review: Sim City 3K Unlimited

The Match-Up:
Name: Mark B. (a.k.a. OverKill) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: All types of simulation, strategy & RTS, FPS

Favorite Games: Need For Speed, Rogue Spear, SimCity 3000, StarLancer, RC Tycoon.



Name: Sean B. (a.k.a. Paladin) e-mail me

Favorite Genres: RPG , Space/flight sims, Turn Based Strategy(some RTS), Sims

Favorite Games: "Everquest, Starlancer, Baldur's Gate, Rogue Spear, Diablo"

Paladin: Hey there! Just want to welcome you to this edition of Head 2 Head combat featuring SimCity 3000 Unlimited!

OverKill: SimCity 3000 Unlimited is the latest release from Maxis. It is a strategy game where the user plays the Mayor of a city. As the Mayor, you have to control everything from which zone to place and where (residential, commercial or industrial) all the way to which disaster to unleash on your city.

Paladin: Some might find this type of game fun and addictive, others just plain boring. :) SimCity 3000 Unlimited is the next line in the SimCity games so let's look at what this game offers. The new features include new landscape and building options, new buildings to choose from, new scenarios, 4 more disasters, a building architect to design your own buildings, a way to create your own scenarios, and a chance to download new buildings and scenarios.

OverKill: With all these new additions, I myself was expecting a new Simcity game. Between each version of Simcity, although as the Mayor you can do the same thing, there was always a major change. Between Simcity, Simcity 2000 and Simcity 3000, there was a major difference in graphics and graphics engines. Simcity 3000 Unlimited looks exactly the same as Simcity 3000 did, just newer buildings.

Paladin: Yeah, I know what you mean. I was hoping for a brand new SimCity game. This felt more like an expansion than a new game. The graphics, game-play, sounds, and feel of the game is exactly the same as SimCity 3000. Give me a break. This should have been released as an expansion, and not as a new game. At least they are offering SimCity 3000 owners a $10 rebate. LOL Yeah right! That's almost worth it. :)

OverKill: Even the menus and cheat codes are still the same. And how long has it been since Simcity 3000 came out. Nearly 2 years, and all they can give is the same game with some nice new features.

Paladin: Hehe, those cheat codes still come in handy though. :) Seriously though, this game (expansion) was released a year too late in my mind. Besides this, the new features are nice. I like the idea of being able to upload my own buildings and downloading different scenarios and buildings from other SimCity fanatics.

Here are a couple of shots from the building editor that is included with this edition of Sim City, but impatient individuals beware, with the amount of detail needed for each building, this might not be up your alley.
OverKill: True. And the new disasters are nice too. Like the deadly toxic cloud with acid rain, or space junk falling out of the sky. They are good disasters. The graphics and sounds used for space junk crashing into the ground and leaving a crater was pretty good.

Paladin: I must admit that getting the chance to destroy a city and watch the sims running around in fear is amusing. But how many people actually want to spend hours upon hours of game time to build there city just to watch it go up in flames? (Unless, of course, you REALLY get bored of the game)

OverKill: Thats one of the most enjoyable aspects is destroying ones city after weeks of playing (Not saving of course). But for those weeks of playing, there just isn't enough new features to make those weeks more enjoyable.

Paladin: Well, I can understand that. Hehe. Another thing I found annoying was the level of difficulty. Now, I must admit, I am not a city planner nor do I ever wish to be one. It just seems that you need to know exactly what to do to make a successful city. I found myself using the money cheat code on a number of instances to further enhance my city.

OverKill: You're right, but all Simcity games have always been difficult when starting from scratch. Once a city is on its way, it's much easier to make money. But this does end up discouraging many new players from playing the game.

Paladin: Well, the difficulty is just one reason why I'm giving the SimCity 3000 Unlimited a 60%. There really is nothing that is fantastic or great about this game. The graphics, sounds, and game-play are the same as SimCity 3000. This is really a drawback since there was more than enough time to try and create a new version of SimCity, not just make add-ons.

OverKill: Well, I think that for people who do not have Simcity 3000, get Simcity 3000 Unlimited, and for those who do have Simcity 3000, don't bother buying Simcity 3000 Unlimited, save your money. This is why I am giving it a 50%, as you either should go for it or not depending on whether or not you have Simcity 3000.

Paladin: In the end, Maxis could have spent a little more time in producing a SimCity 4000 (etc.). Instead of this, they have decided to focus on their other Sim games (The Sims, SimVille). Because of this, SimCity 3000 Unlimited is nothing more than an expansion that was released way past it's time.

OverKill's Mark
OverKill's Final Words
Paladin's Final Words
Paladin's Mark
for those who do have Simcity 3000, save your money
There really is nothing that is fantastic or great about this game

The Buggy:

Ok, so we don't mean buggy as in crashes and glitches, but seeing as this game is basically just a rehash, the locusts along with the other new disasters become some of the only things old 'Simmers' might find new and exciting. Well ok....we doubt that. What SEEMS to be so 'unlimited' about this game are the snores it induces.