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The X-Box Vs. The PC: The Path of Gaming

By Rumpy


Bleep Bleep Bloop Bloop Blip. Those are the sounds of the Atari 2600. They were the center of attention in the early 80's when computers were at their mere infancy. Is it any wonder we stayed hours in front of a television being mesmerised by the pong paddles going back and forth with the splendor of it's graphics?

Consoles have come a long way since then, and now the X-box by MS is poised to take us back to the golden years of console gaming by making the living room the center of attention again. But this time it has the PC to contend with. And this is where I'm annoyed-as you'll see in my first editorial here at H2H.

The PC has a distinguished hardcore niche and there's nothing that will take their PC away from them. Nothing. PC ports of console games usually are limited to what a console can do and as such don't make as much of a computer as we would like. So when the announcement came of some PC developers jumping ship to the X-Box, i was a little miffed to say the least. Other developers have followed the trend since then. If that wasn't enough, what seemed highly likely to be a rumour turned out to be true, that MS would be buying Bungie as their supply of X-Box talent. Now Halo, what once was religiously waited upon is questioned to even be a PC game after all the hoopla. This is not only a slap in the face to PC gamers, but more so to Mac gamers, as Bungie started off as a dedicated Mac developer.

And with all this noise, certain publications are heralding the demise of the PC game industry. We have to stop and think for a minute. I think developers are taking this a little too far. This is only a cycle in the industry of course. It's only natural for things to get better as they age, and so, consoles have got to the point where they are as good as PC's and even better as some may say with the X-box. But wait, it's still only a cycle. By the time the X-box is released, we will have gone by 2 generations of Nvidia Geforce chips and the X-box will not look as impressive as it does now, will it? The console will only get dated with time. What's to say the X-box won't fail? What will happen to all the developers who jumped ship from the PC to the X-box?

PC gamers spend a lot of time upgrading and playing on their computers and some may argue that it's a pain in the backside, and that they should just get a console. But, most hardcore PC gamers do enjoy upgrading and tweaking their computers. It's a fact of life. Those people would not get the same enjoyment from a console. That is in fact why there are two types of gamers. The PC gamers, including the Mac gamers or whatever may be on a desktop platform and a living room attraction called the console. We should not let our PC developers fall prey to the X-box.

The point of my editorial this week is to point out that PC gamers will stand for what they believe in. I won't stand here and let our PC developers fall to the X-box and have possibly inferior games ported to the PC as mouthwash. Viva la Resistance!

Until Next Week - Happy Gaming!