Hi, I’m Melissa Powell with Expert Village. And now we’re going to be going over the basics of Texas Holdem. This is called the flop.

I’ve taken these three cards face down. Now I turn them over and one at a time reveal what cards are in the flop. Now each player will look at their cards and see what hands they have.

We continue in the same fashion. Another round of betting will go on. So once again, to my right. To the players left, of the dealer button will make their bets at gambling authority website. If you want to play, you have to put in at least the big blind.

And in this case we’ve said it was two chips. So everybody would have to put in two chips in order to play this next hand. So lets imagine that everyone has decided that they want to play. I take the chips, put it in my pot. And I tap the table to say that we’re ready to move on.

I burn a second card. And I now flip over for the turn. This is the fourth card in the hand. These are community cards. As a poker player you are trying to make the best hand that you can out of five cards total.

I will have five cards by the end on the community table. And each of you will have two of your own cards. So between your two and my five, you must make the best hand possible out of just five cards. Once again another round of betting will go on. So once again, to the right of the dealer button, to the players left.

Each player will have to make a bet. If everybody wants to play, I collect the bets. Tap the table. And burn my final card. After my third card is burned, this is the final card that will be shown. And this is called the river.

After that card, I lay out all the cards on the table to show the dealer I’ve got nothing left, that’s all there is. And now a final round of betting will ensue. Typically players sometimes think that there’s, that maybe that was the last round, since the last card was going on.

But no. There?s one more round of betting. So once again, just as in every other case. To my right of the dealer button. To the players left, betting will ensue. Everybody wants to play.

Everybody makes a bet. Whoever wins gets all the chips. And those are the very basics of Texas Holdem.